Alexander Roarke 

As a Public Speaker with more than 15 years experience, Roarke’s basic message of not just thinking outside the box, but removing the box completely is very much in demand. His unique style lends itself to the topics he specialises in, leading the listener with a blend of humour, seriousness, expertise and experience that mixes into a thought provoking and life changing experience.

Roarke has several ‘Set Pieces’ that he can deliver, however he very rarely delivers a ’standard’ message, preferring to work with event hosts to create a speech targeted specifically to his audience. That said, in his capacity as a member of Toastmasters International, he has also won several competitions for his humorous set pieces and his off the cuff impromptu ‘rantings’!

His speech titles include:

‘The Tragedy of Education’, ‘Hey, Diddle E Dee, An Actors Life For Me’, ‘From Teletubby To Triathlete’ and ‘The Mysteries Of The Mind’.

  • The Tragedy of Education.   For the last 9 years Roarke, or rather his wife (as she likes to remind him) has been home educating his 4 sons. ‘School is not compulsory – education is’ is the starting point of a very informative, sometimes poignant but always entertaining speech.
  • Hey, Diddle E Dee, An Actors Life For Me.   Roarke was 40 years old when he decided to have his first mid life crisis. At this point he offered his wife (long suffering as she also likes to remind him) an ultimatum – “Either you let me run off with a blonde, or you let me jack in my job and become an actor!” She decided that she still has some use for him so, off he went to the bright lights. From National Film School to Martin Scorsese, Roarke takes us on an irreverent tour of actors, extras and introspection.
  • From Teletubby To Triathlete – (and back again, as his wife cruelly reminds him).  A serious illness and 8 years of steroids left Roarke looking and feeling like a ‘Teletubby’. Some serious, heartfelt conversations left him determined to transform his life, and this talk takes the hearer from a point of hopelessness to raising money for charity in the London Triathlon.
  • The Mysteries Of The Mind.   During the battle that Roarke overcame to beat his obesity and complete the triathlon, Roarke studied NLP (Neuro Lingustic Programming) and became a practitioner. This led him to study how what we say to ourselves, and others, affects our thinking, why hypnosis works and how to use it to beneficial effect – in short The Mysteries of the Mind. This talk looks at the popular science of the brain and how we can use its programming secrets to our best advantage.

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